Femdom Goddess Answers


More than any specific sexuality or gender, power was my first love. It has always felt organically baked into my DNA. The older I got, the more I realized that I was really, really interested in controlling people. Being omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent is exciting for me. I love knowing that your every move, even when you aren’t with me, is based on what I would think or say. On what I would want you to do. I played in the kink scene as a lifestyler, but then I thought, why not go pro as a femdom? I’m certainly good enough. And my sadism is hard to sate.

I became a professional domme in NYC in 2019. I started at the Taillor Group in 2019 and worked there until 2020 before going independent. I loved that the new life I was living opened more opportunities to learn about my own kinks, and all the opportunities to control that I found.

I do! As a BDSM practitioner, I highly value skills-building and education in an industry that is largely self-regulated. I’ve spent some amazing times learning from industry heavyweights such as Mz. Kim, Goddess Alexandra Snow, and Simone Justice. Being around great minds like theirs’ is so inspiring, and keeps a fresh new spin on everything that I do. I’m also a regular at various skill sharing events both online and in-person. Even when I’m not with you, I love expanding my repertoire and finding new ways to torture my subs.

After COVID-19 hit in 2020, I expanded my domination into the digital world partly as a response to the times, but mainly out of a deeper desire to express and extend my influence as an Asian femdom goddess. I’m insatiable. Voracious. And always looking for more ways to be serviced. Review my digital offerings here.

I love to read! I have a stack of BDSM specific books, but I also really enjoy manga (I have a physical collection of Junji Ito’s works along with Chainsaw Man). Yoko Ogawa is one of my favorite authors, and I’ve been enjoying Lapvona by Ottessa Moshfegh, Breasts and Eggs by Mieko Kawakami, and Sexuality Beyond Consent by Avgi Saketopoulou. My favorite poem is A Prayer That Will Be Answered by Anna Kamienska.

I often find that, even when reading something non-kink or specifically BDSM related, I’m always finding new little ideas and trigger points for my subs. A character that is particularly tortured over his love of an unavailable woman, a grotesque fight scene, a pointedly scathing dialogue. There’s inspiration no matter where I go.

I’ve been described as unsettlingly innocent. Oddly demure. The quietly intense girl next door with dangerously deadly vibes. I don’t like to be mean for the sake of it, I like to push people to their limits and bring them back to earth. I don’t want to yell and scream at you to gain your obedience, I want someone who can appreciate the nuances in my slightest touch and evil giggle. Learn more About me.

I like subs who are eager to please, dedicated, generous, and polite. Ones who understand boundaries, respect implied boundaries, and possess healthy emotional awareness. I’m also a fan of shy, cute, and masochistic subs who get nervous easily, and subs who bring out my sadism. Inflicting both emotional and physical pain brings me pleasure, so submissives in search of a multi dimensional, full mind and body experience pair best with me.

I rarely meet in full regalia and prefer the slow transformation into leather or, my weapon of choice, lingerie.

I like to prolong your suffering by beginning our session in something a little more innocuous. Dinner in a tight dress, building up to revealing what I’m wearing underneath. A walk through the botanical garden in gym clothes, so no one else knows what terrible things I’m saying to you while we look at the flowers.

I love playing with the full spectrum of domination, tapping into the authentic nature of femdom and I don’t like to lock myself into any one image or perception. It gets me off, to be dressed as a cute college girl when I just got done pegging the life out of you.

The kinds that combine emotional and psychological torture with physical pain! Driving you insane with lust or pain gives me the sweetest joy.

To paint a picture, I once drove a sub wild by tying him down, blindfolding him, and carving my name into his chest. I whispered in his ear in extreme detail not just what I was doing, but how much I liked seeing him split wide open and bleeding for me. Watching him squirm and squeal in anguish gave me goosebumps. And seeing his face when the blindfold came off and it was all in his mind, I hadn’t actually cut him? Fucking. Exquisite.

The more creative space I have, the more fun it is for me to find pleasure in any disturbed thing you let me do. Apply to serve and experience a heavenly punishment yourself.